Hi! I'm Diego Rubio

I'm an applied historian and a policy analyst bringing the long-term view to a short-sighted debate

Diego Rubio is the Professor of Applied History and Governance at IE School of Global & Public Affairs, and the founding Executive Director of the Center for the Governance of Change, one of the five most innovative European university departments studying the political, economic, and societal effects of emerging tech –according to Public. Prior to that, Diego worked as Lecturer and Research Fellow at the University of Oxford.


Diego’s research aims to illuminate current challenges facing today's society by using a long-term perspective that tracks causal relations and historical trends from the past and projects them into the future. As policy analyst, Diego has advised numerous international organizations, including the United Nations, the European Commission, the World Economic Forum, and the Ibero-American General Secretariat. As speaker, he has participated in conferences in four continents and lectured in universities such as Harvard, Cambridge and Singapore


Diego’s ideas have been featured in several media outlets (incl. BBC, El País, and TVE). In 2019, he wrote and hosted A History of the Future, a documentary series for the History Channel on the future of work, democracy, globalization, and climate. 


Diego holds a PhD from the University of Oxford, a MA from the École Normale Supérieure, and a BA Hons from the Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona, where he graduated with the best academic record of his national cohort. He has also studied at Sorbonne and Columbia University.


Diego has received various distinctions and awards, including the British-Spanish Society Prize granted by the Embassy of Spain in the United Kingdom, and the First National Award for Excellent Academic Performance in History, granted by the Spanish Ministry of Education.


A History of the Future is a 2019 television series produced by History Channel and hosted by Professor Diego Rubio. The series comprises four episodes, each of which explores one key aspect of society’s future (work, democracy, globalization and climate) by analysing past precedents and projecting historical trends. The series premiered on 9 December 2019,

Latest conferences (selected)

'Cuatro cosas que la historia enseña sobre la 4ª Revolución Industrial', Las mañanas del mañana, Madrid, 13th December 2019.

‘Building Trust in Data’, Santander International Banking Conference, Madrid, 5th November 2019. 


​`The Technology Trap', A conversation with Carl Benedikt Frey on the Future of Work, Madrid, 10th October 2019.

'Educating to tackle digital threats: Privacy and Misinformation', EnlightED, Madrid, 4th October 2019.

'The War on Reality', Diplomatic School of Spain, Madrid, 25th September 2019.

​`Training and educating a new workforce', Digitales Summit, Madrid, 17th July 2019.

'Crossing the Lines', International Metropolis Conference, Ottawa, 27th June 2019.

'Connecting Politics and History', Körber History Forum, Berlin, 13th May 2019.

'The Future of Education and Work', European Research Area and Innovation Committee, European Council, Brussels, 22nd March 2019.

​`La Unión Europea en la sociedad del conocimiento', Club de Roma, Madrid, 25th March 2019. 

'How to Think Historically like Great Leaders Do', MeritSummit, Vienna, 17th January 2019.

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